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4 Mile Brewery Post Game: Alfred Exhibition

The Jump: Like most other Bonas fans trying to watch this exhibition game, we were let down once again by technology, the A10, NeuLion, Bonaventure, Adidas, the Bills…whoever you want to pin this disaster on. Yes, the feed eventually got working (save sound) but these issues seem to never end at the RC.

At this point I’m not entirely sure who should shoulder most of the blame, but I do know that at this point in time these issues are unacceptable. 

The A10 strives to be a considered a power conference in college basketball. They hate the idea of being called a “mid-major” and they push their marketing, the media and conference members to act accordingly. Then why in the year 2017 are we still having constant issues with streaming games? Why do those who purchase a “free game” have no audio? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I do know that it makes the A10, and Bonas (Unfortunately, whether it is the schools’ fault or not) appear very “mid-major” or worse. I have to say these issues seem to never happen for away contests in the A10, so these issues may largely fall on SBU.

As I stated on the Bangwagon I have watched high school games with a perfect HD stream in the past few years. Why then, can we not get our league and this program to produce a constant, quality video and audio feed? Very frustrating situation no doubt, let’s just hope this is the last time we are “blacked out” of our Bonnies again this season for any period of time.

We eventually got video, but no sound. Here’s our takeaway from the Bonnies 99-72 win on Saturday.

For a detailed recap of the game including quotes from coach Schmidt check out The Intrepid.

5 Takeaways 

  1. Non-Basketball: The new Adidas uniforms, the new floor, the new video board all looked fantastic. I had my doubts about the uniforms (mostly because the color seemed off) but they looked much better over the computer today. I enjoy the players’ names on the back as well; a nice touch. The floor looked amazing and though I only saw a few photos of the video board I’m sure its first class. Once we get the reds replaced, and the that window taken out of the HOF room we’ll be all set! Beer in the RC wouldn’t be a bad look either but that may take an act of God.
  2. The Lineup: Schmidt went with the Gregg at the four and Obokoh at the five, sitting Liberty transfer David Andoh. This could have to do with Andoh’s foot issue, but more than likely this is the starting lineup we will to start the season. Gregg has improved too much over the last year not to start and play major minutes, and clearly he showed that this spring and summer. Andoh can take his time in healing as long as Gregg can produce and stay on the floor. We’ve heard that Obokoh has had a really hard time learning the Bonnies defense and the coaching staff has been really pushing him to improve on that, but he started anyway. The team has enough offense that their five man from Syracuse should be able to focus all his efforts on protecting the rim and rebounding.
  3. Matt Mobley looks the part: Few were worried about replacing the Bonnies scoring from a year ago because we’d all heard such rave reviews on Mobley. Today we saw why. Mobley proved himself (albeit against an inferior team) to be a capable scorer and play-maker (22 points, 6 assists, 7 rebounds). He shot it well enough from the floor, and more importantly, made plays with the ball. If he can help run the point and score it, the Bonnies will feel that much better about losing Kaputo. Either way, Mobley appears to be the next in a long line of Schmidt import guards who can step right in and fill it up. Schmidt has said he likes a scoring point guard and Mobley appears to fit that bill, should he be called upon.
  4. Young Bigs Looked Ahead of Schedule: Take this portion with a huge grain of salt (Because Alfred’s tallest player was 6-6) but Josh Ayeni and Amadi Ikpeze looked further along then most would have imaged heading into today. We’ve heard great things of Ayeni, but Ikpeze was supposed to be more of a project. Schmidt said in the summer that the Buffalo big man was coming along faster than they’d expected and I think we saw some of that today. He’s got a wide frame and appeared to have decent hands under the rim.  Ayeni just looks like a physical monster; certainly not that build of your normal freshman. Both of these guys will have a chance to make an impact this season for sure. Ayeni finished with 12 and 7 and Ikpeze with 4 and 6. It won’t shock me to see Ayeni playing 20+ minutes a week from tonight against St. Francis. Again, take it with a boulder of salt, but I think you’re about as happy with these two as you could have been after today.
  5. No Injuries and onto St. Francis: Most important of all, SBU got through the game without losing anyone else. We said going in the team could ill afford to lose another body and they will get to next weekend as healthy as they came into today. 

Other Quick Thoughts

  • Both LaDarien Griffin and Jay Adams appear to have put on a lot of beef this off-season. Kaputo also put on 20 pounds but of course we couldn’t tell.
  • David Andoh did not look impressive, but again, you have to consider the foot injury. He was clearly rusty and apparently only began practicing again a week ago. He will require time to get into the flow of the game. He looked a bit sluggish out there.
  • Tareq Coburn showed he could handle the ball with both hands equally well and had a nice one handed floater in the first half. He also made a great play in the second half getting to the rim before being fouled while attempting a lay-up. (Weird not seeing Marcus Posley wearing the #3).
  • Chinoso Obokoh looks pretty raw…and he’s a senior. You don’t take too much away from this game but I’d say he didn’t exactly blow the doors off anyone inside. Again, insanely small sample size but not a fantastic debut. 
  • Idris Taqqee continues to improve and improve. By the time this year is over it wouldn’t shock me to see him as one of the teams’ go-to-scorers. His hard work is clearly paying off because he’s now turning the corner into a two-way player. He’s come so far in the last few seasons. He finished with 16 points. 
  • Watching a game minus sound sucked.
  • I wonder if we can/will see the video board doing the player intros over the internet feed? Would be a nice feature to the broadcast.
  • Josh Ayeni got called for a few offensive fouls for an arm hook going to the tin. He needs to understand he doesn’t need that move against a 6-5 PF from Alfred. Vs. VCU, go for it…tonight, not so much.
  • I’m worried about Jay Adams after his line of 16 and 6 and 6-11 from the floor…….I’m joking.
  • SBU’s perimeter defense looked porous in many stretches. Alfred was 14-38 from three, or 37% if you enjoy rounding up. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it though.
  • The Schmidt boys combined for ten points on 3-8 shooting playing in front of their father.
  • SBU was +20 on the glass as you’d expect.
  • SBU shot 80% from the line…Just like last year.
  • The Bonnies outscored Alfred in the paint 62-18.






Up Next: 

Vs. St. Francis PA at 4:00 PM. The season opener. 












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