Blog Author’s Season Predictions (Record)

With just around three weeks to go until the start of the 2014-2015 season we felt it was time to roll out our staff predictions for every single game of the slate. A lot can change in the course of a season including injuries, eligibility issues, suspensions, etc. not only to our club but to that of our foes as well. With that in mind, these picks have to be taken with a slight grain of salt. These picks are rather our best guess at the Bonnies final record in 2014-’15 broken down game by game. It will certainly be interesting to revisit these picks at the end of the non-conference portion of the schedule and then again at the end of the year. In the coming week we’ll further break down the season ahead and look at best case/worst case scenarios for the team as a whole, and individual players.One thought that I do have at this moment is that the addition of two league games each year is going to make it that much harder for the Brown and White to win their customary 16-18 games. Swapping out two low major conference teams in November and December with Davidson and a second trip to a VCU or UMass isn’t stellar for the final record; it does however help the RPI of the league.

We’ll also make some bold predictions as well. For now, here’s what we’re thinking about 2014-2015.

What are you’re thoughts about the SBU’s final record this season? Post some comments below, we’ll be putting up a poll as well later on.

*Note: We brought in Chris DiSano of, as well as Cox Sports New England whose as knowledgeable as they come concerning the A10. Chris has been covering the league for some time now and we felt it would be cool to get an outsiders take on the Bonnies chances this season. As you will see, he’s taking a more guarded approach on our boys this winter.

Non-Conf. Games Ian Vinny Shane Chris
11.15 Dartmouth W  W W W
11.19 Siena L  W W  L
11.21 Canisius W  W W W
11.25 Jackson St. W  W W W
11.29 Niagara (Buf) W  W W W
12.3 Buffalo W  W W  L
12.6 @ Ohio L  L L  L
12.13 @Pittsburgh L  L L  L
12.20 @Binghamton W  W W  W
12.22 MD-Eastern Shore W  W W  W
12.30 @ Delaware W  W L  L
Total Non-Conference Record 8-3 9-2 8-3  6-5
A10 Games   Ian Vinny Shane Chris
1.3 @ UMass L  L W  L
1.8 Dayton W  L L  L
1.11 @ Richmond L  L L  L
1.14 George Mason W  W W  W
1.18 Saint Josephs W  W W  W
1.22 @ Duquesne L  L W  L
1.25 @ Rhode Island L  L L  L
1.31 La Salle L  W L  W
2.4 @ Davidson W  W W  L
2.7 VCU L  W L  L
2.11 UMass W  W L  W
2.14 @ Dayton L  L L  L
2.18 Richmond W  W W  W
2.21 @ Saint Joseph’s L  L W  L
2.25 @ George Washington L  L L  L
2.28 Duquesne W  W W  W
3.4 @ Saint Louis L  L L  W
3.7 Fordham W  W W  W
Total Conference Record 8-10  9-9 9-9  8-10
Overall Predicted Record 16-13 18-11 17-12  14-15


  1. Siena brings back all five starters, won the CBI and turned out to be a really good team at the end of last year. I’m not saying we can’t win, just think that Siena is a good team and we’re not going to win them all in the NC. Esp. early in the year when the team will likely still be figuring out how to play together and the new faces will be adjusting to D1 basketball. Again, not saying we can’t win by a longshot, we’ll probably be favorites, but that is a much tougher game than people realize right now. The team we saw in Nov. isn’t the Siena team you’ll see this time around.

  2. I can’t figure out if I’m delusional or everyone else is invincibly ignorant. Either way, I will be disappointed and somewhat surprised if the Bonnies don’t win at least 20 games prior to the A10 tourney. The OOC is embarrassingly weak. The Bonnies will be underdogs only at Pitt. As to the A10, the only two teams I fear are GW and VCU. Please check last year’s stats and see how many of the A10’s leaders are now gone. In short, it’s a new game and the Bonnies bring some fast new horses to the race.

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