KenPom 2014-’15 Predictions: Bonnies

This Man's computer sees a 15 win Bonnies team.

This Man’s computer sees a 15 win Bonnies team.

As far as great college basketball sites go, is about as good as it gets. I use the site each year to incorporate different stats into my articles such as true shooting percentage, turnover rate, block rate, 2PT defense and tons of others. The site is a stat nerds wet dream. It also uses a computer model (no idea how) to predict the final score of every single game of the year for every single D1 team. So, according to KenPom, we give you your….

15-14, 6-10 St. Bonaventure Bonnies.

I was the closest staff member to this record with my 16 win mark, while outsider Chris DiSano pegged the Bonnies at under .500. A closer look at the forecasted schedule sees the following highlights…

- A 6-0 start for the B and Dub.

-Back to back losses to Ohio and Pitt.

-0-3 start to league play before a six point win over Mason and SJU to get to 2-3.

-Then just four wins the rest of the way….La Salle, UMass, Duquesne and Fordham…All at home. Not a single road league win all year.


As much as I enjoy looking into stats, clearly they need to be taken with a grain of salt. KenPom’s site places some weight on previous years’ records and teams which I think, is not a great way to determine future success. Take Saint Joseph’s and Saint Louis for example. Both of those teams lost a ton of talent and will take major steps backwards this year. KenPom gives this year’s versions of those teams a boast because they won last year…with different players. I do think a 15 win season is pretty close to accurate. However, the idea that the Bonnies won’t win a single road game in the league seems insane to me. That’s some 2008 Bonnies stuff right there. All in all it’s fun to see where folks see the Bonnies finishing now. We all know none of this matters come the 15th when we tip off.

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  1. Kenpom has us at 8-10 for the conference. In a game by game prediction he doesn’t have us winning any road games. That basically says though that we wouldn’t be favored in any road games at the moment. Which I believe is a true statement. The odds say we steal a game or two on the road. Which he accounts for I believe in his 8-10 predication, because if you go by a game by game basis our conference record is predicted at 6-12.

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