What’s Up with Marcus Posley?

As Posley goes, so do the Bonnies. Lately, he and they have not done well.

As Posley goes, so do the Bonnies. Lately, he and they have not done well.

The Bonnies have dropped back to back games to URI and La Salle. Prior to their brief two game losing streak, Posley scored 36 points in an all-time effort against Duquesne; helping to secure an amazing come from behind 100-97 win. His barrage of three pointers in clutch minutes was something to behold. It really was a surreal effort. Posley was looking at being named A10 Player of the Week with any type of scoring effort against URI. He was the league’s leading scorer and had carried the Bonnies on numerous occasions already this season. At that point in time, the junior had already tallied nine 20+ point games. During a three game stretch from George Mason to Duquesne Posley knocked down 18 three pointers in 34 attempts- a 52 % clip. Simply white hot stuff. NBA Jams type of shooting efforts from long range (he’s heating up!).

However, URI’s outstanding perimeter defense locked Polsey in a closet for 40 minutes. He was limited to six points on 3-12 shooting and 0-2 from three. Posley air-balled a wide open corner three point look late in the game that would have given SBU a great chance of stealing a win in Kingston. It was his lowest scoring point total of the season (he did score only six on two other occasions).

Bona Nation hoped for a big time bounce back effort against La Salle on Saturday night.The team needed a win in the worst way given the upcoming schedule. The students were finally back on campus for the first time in five weeks and the place was going to be jumping. And we know, nothing gets an RC crowd going like some three pointers and some free Community Bank T’s.

Going into the game, I feared their perimeter defenders just like I did with URI’s. Unfortunately, my fears were not off base. Posley finishing the night scoring four points on 2-12 shooting, 0-7 from deep. It was a horrific effort and to make matters worse he came off the bench for the first time; benched for showing up late to pregame practice.

In SBU’s last two games the junior shooter is 5-24 from the field, 0-9 from three with eight fouls, three turnovers and three assists. Quick math tells me that’s 20% from the floor, 0% from deep. He’s shooting 40% on the season from the field and 36% from three.

So what’s up? A slump or something more? Maybe Posley isn’t this good. Maybe he’s not a 17 point a game player. Maybe we’re about to see a kid fall on his face. Maybe the A10 is too much for him.

Personally, I think Posley is probably close to a 15-17 point a game player…especially on this team. Posley is a good volume scorer who can play in this league, no question in my mind. But I think there could be a reason for his sudden lack of production.

He’s tired.

Schmidt needs to find a way to get Posley going again...likely resting him up will help.

Schmidt needs to find a way to get Posley going again…likely resting him up will help.

Posley is averaging 34.9 minutes a game, third most in the A10. Posley played 84 of a possible 85 minutes in wins over St. Joe’s and Duquesne. That’s a ton of burn for a guard. His three pointers have started to fall short. He air-balled not one, not two, but three trifecta attempts on Saturday. That’s a clear sign of a kid whose legs are not under him right now. He would never have done that back in November. The Posley we saw that night was not his true self. The real Posley is this team’s heart and soul, who can carry the Bonnies to a win on any given nights (see Duquesne, Mason, SJU games).

Posley has played his ass off all season long. Anyone knocking the kid for the last two games is taking a beyond narrow view of what the junior has produced in his first season in the A10. He’s been fantastic for the Bonnies.

Now it’s up to Mark Schmidt, the coaching staff and Posley to find a way to give him a breather more often. Shooters need their legs and Posley needs his as badly as anyone in the A10 for his club. Whether it’s less time on the floor during the week or more time on the bench during the games, they’ve got to find a way to avoid burning out Posley. Without his shooting and outside scoring punch the Bonnies face a massive uphill climb the rest of the way.

Let’s hope they find the solution before too long as the Bonnies are in dire straights with Davidson, VCU, Dayton and Richmond all coming up soon.