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Bench Players Giving “Big 3” Helping Hand Early

During Podcast #2 the guys mentioned Coach Schmidt’s comment about the need for Posley/Adams/Wright to collectively shoot 40% from the field.  While I knew from watching the first two games that the players were not meeting this goal,  I figured I would throw something together to take a closer look at the numbers…

I understand that this is a minuscule sample size, however I believe the comparison of FG % of the “Big 3” to the players we have discussed as “X-Factors” is meaningful.  Posley/Adams/Wright are shooting collectively at a 31% clip from the field and 27% from beyond the arc; while Gregg/Kaputo have knocked down 50% of their 2 point attempts and 36% of their 3 balls.  My takeaway is that the Big 3 are pressing a bit too much and forcing up unwarranted shots (Posley especially -attempting 13 treys vs Syracuse was some Kobe stuff, and Kobe now, not in his prime).  There is no question that these players will be asked to carry the load throughout the season.  Through the first 2 contests, the Big 3 have accounted for 57% of the teams points.  I expect that number to increase to about 65% once Posley finds his stroke (he won’t average 7ppg for long).

So what am I saying?  I would like to see improved shot selection from these 3 and some more attempts from Gregg/Kaputo off the bench.  Coming into the year Kaputo was touted as a pass first PG.  Often guys described as “pass first” is a generous way to hide their inability to score the ball.  Lucky for Bonnies fans this does not appear to be the case for our freshman from North of the Border.  Nelson has shown the ability to knock down threes and get to the hoop.  Gregg’s 50% from the field has been impressive.  His athleticism allows for easy buckets (via dunks).  I believe he’ll hover around this number all year if he continues to show that improved jumper.

Go Bonnies,



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I’d prefer to see a new stat for Dion - Dion/FG%/possession - this would measure the times when Dion puts up a shot , misses, get the ‘bound, puts it up again maybe multiple times - all from in close - and either he or someone else eventually puts it in. I swear there have been times where he gets the ball down low, puts it up, misses, get his own rebound, puts it up, misses again, get the rebound and puts it up and in. Using standard stats he’s shooting .333, but by my account, that’s equal to 100%.