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Statistical Nuggets from the Non-Conference

Posley’s scoring has been great, but his shooting is another issue.

The Bonnies wrapped up the non-conference schedule last night with a somewhat convincing win over seemingly hopeless Niagara to improve to 8-3. With that, SBU is ready for A10 play to begin on Saturday night against Davidson. Before Schmidt’s bunch turns the page into 2016 let’s take a look back at the good and bad, from a statistical standpoint from the first 11 games. 

The Good

9th- As in the ninth best free throw shooting team in America at 77%. 

34.4%- As in the percentage of possessions the team grabs an offensive rebound, good for 62nd in the country.

37th- As in the Bonnies rank 37th in America in turnover percentage (21.9%). They ranked 20th in this field in 2014. Pressure defense has been good.

121- As in Jay Adams KenPom offensive rating. This ranks 207th nationally; a very high mark. Nelson Kaputo is next at 113, followed by Dion Wright at 106. Hitting three pointers at a good clip helps.

61.2%- As in Jay Adams’ effective Field Goal Percentage. Good enough to rank 96th nationally. Jay is shooting 45% from three, 51% from two and 83% from the line. Superb. 

39%- As in Nelson Kaputo’s three point percentage. The freshman has knocked down 21-53 deep balls and been a huge spark off the bench for the Bonnies each game. Oddly enough, he’s just 5-15 from two (33%). Work on the lay-ups and mid-range game and you’ll be a star soon enough.

65%- As in Derrick Woods two point shooting percentage…actually that’s his entire shooting percentage. This is good for 63rd nationally. Woods is 21-32 from the field. SBU needs to get him the ball a bit more going forward, he’s earned a few more shots per night.

5- Dion Wright double-doubles.

12.8- Offensive rebounds per game. Second best in the A10.

5th- Marcus Posley’s rank in scoring in the A10 (18.1 points). Jay Adams is 11th and Dion Wright is 12th. No other team has three players inside the top 12. 

2nd- Dion Wright’s rank in rebounding in the league, (8.8 per game).

3rd- Jay Adams rank in assists (4.4 per game).

3rd- Nelson Kaputo’s rank in A/TO ratio in the A10 (2.6)

4th- As in Marcus Posley’s rank nationally in terms of percentage of minutes played. 

8- As in eight wins total. SBU won seven games in the non-conference last year, 10 in 2014, seven in 2013 and seven in 2012. It’s not the nine or ten most fans pushed for, but 8-3 is very respectable and puts the team on track to go after 18ish wins…if you’re being realistic. 

3- As in wins against the Big 4. SBU took down Niagara, Buffalo and Canisius for the first time since…last year. They also turned the trick in 2012 under Schmidt. 

The Bad

33%- As in the percentage of possessions the opposition snags an offensive rebound. 264th “worst” nationally. SBU needs to clean up their defensive rebounding efforts.

292nd- As in rank of non-conference schedule. Not exactly Murder’s Row. Still, wins are wins and many teams won’t come to the RC.

22.1%- Percentage of minutes played by the bench. This is the 345th least nationally. The starters legs will grow weak as the season wears on. The team needs more from the supporting cast. 

28%- Marcus Posley’s three point percentage. 

Gregg has been up and down. His play will be a huge key over the next three months.

96.8- Denzel Gregg’s offensive rating. The lowest on the team for anyone not named Tyson or Griffin. We’ve been asking for consistency from Gregg for years now. At this point it may be time to consider that consistency will not come.

3rd- As in the 3rd time in a row SBU has lost to Siena. Ouch.

10th- SBU’s rank in the A10 in shooting percentage (43%)

11th- SBU’s rank in three point shooting (32%)

11th- SBU’s rank in defensive rebounding (24.3)

3,516- As in average home attendance. We can do better going forward.

40- Number of Denzel Gregg fouls off the bench. He has made 32 shots. No bueno.  





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A member of the class of 2008, Nolan spent four years as a student assistant with the program. He has written professionally for such outlets as espn.com/insider, Athlon Sports Magazines, Cox Sports Online and Blue Ribbon Previews. Ian was named one of the “140 Personalities to Follow in College Basketball” on twitter by The Sporting News.

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