Top 5: A Race to the Finish Line

Six weeks ago I took a historical approach to try and predict what the Bonnies would need to do in order to finish in the top 4 and get an all importantbyein Brooklyn.  With just two weeks and four games left to play, rather than look in the rear view, let’s check out the road ahead...

The Bonnies are currently sitting in sole position of 4th place in the league at 10-4.  A game up and holding the tie breaker on GW.  A game behind both Dayton and SJU for 2nd/3rd, and two behind conference leader VCU.  Six weeks ago the numbers suggested that 12 wins would most likely secure a bye.  While 12 could still possibly get you there, 13 would guarantee it.

Normally Bonaventure fans (myself included) would be ecstatic with a 4th place finish.  However, perhaps it’s time to change.  Time to turn the tide of mediocrity and complacency and set our sights to the moon rather than to be happy amongst the stars.  Why not hope for higher - 3rd, maybe 2nd.  Each peg up the leader board theoretically makes the road in Brooklyn that much easier (match ups aside).  Not to mention increases any chances of an ‘at large’ bid in the unlikely event we don’t run the table at the Barclay’s Center.

With that said, lets look at the remaining schedules of the top 5 teams in the league.  Comparatively the Bonnies have a favorable schedule.  Just one of their four remaining opponents (SJU) has a winning record in conference play.  The others, Duquesne/UMASS/SLU are all 5-9, sitting in 10th, 11th, and 12th place respectively.  As we all know and Schmidt constantly reminds us, there are no ‘easy’ games in the Atlantic 10.  But, purely looking at the numbers  our road ahead is easier than the others. Now,it’s time to take care of business and win these games and continue to push ourselves onto the right side of the bubble.

Go Bonnies!


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  1. shane, it’s not that this old alum (speaking for myself only, obviously) is settling for mediocrity,,,i’ve been following the bonnies since my sr yr in high school, and over the past 45+ yrs i have seen us (in all 14 div 1 sports) try to do as much as we can with so little…so, if we finish 4th, i’d be happy because our athletic budget says we should finish 14th in every sport…in my view, we’re always gonna be the underdog but i don’t have a problem with that…”it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…”i treasure every time we knock off a dayton or someone else who has a budget that dwarfs ours…i can live with being the smallest dog with the most fight…with the biggest heart…

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