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Jordan Gathers Leaves SBU

Gathers is done at SBU.

Gathers is done at SBU.

According to SBU’s beat writer for the Olean Times Herald J.P. Bulter, Jordan Gathers has played his last game as a Bonnie and is leaving the program. The news came down this evening and was really quite the shocker. Gathers averaged 8.2 points last year while shooting 36% from three and 80% from the line…both of which the Bonnies could have used in the final three months. He played 26 minutes a game last season and finishes his career at SBU with 411 points and 155 assists.

I won’t waste time speculation where Gathers is going or why he left the program mid-way through his senior year. I’m sure those questions will be answered sooner than later. The senior has been recovering from off-season hip surgery which can often be very serious. Schmidt was hoping he would be ready for the start of the season but it never happened.

Gathers graduated last week with his degree in Journalism/Communication, thus, he does have a year left (or a half of a year if he goes now) of illegibility to play elsewhere. It is possible that he goes somewhere right now and plays or transfers and plays a full season at another school next year as a grad. student. Either way, he will be missed.

The Bonnies could have really used a steady and experienced guard like Gathers for A10 play and now they’ll be without one. While he wasn’t a big time player in terms of production box-score wise, he was just the type of calm and heady player this team needed in late game situations. Gathers could have run the point spot in games and given the Bonnies a chance to rest Jay Adams…Gathers also likely would have been an upgrade in terms of an A/TO at that position.

He wouldn’t turn the ball over in a silly fashion. He wouldn’t take a stupid late game foul. Oh well, this is college basketball in 2014. Guys come and go like a revolving door. We wish him luck wherever he lands next but right now the news is a certainly a slight gut punch to the Bonnies’ chances going forward a bit. Guys like Posley, Cumberbatch, Jalen Adams and even Denzel Gregg are really going to have to step up and play a more mature brand of basketball from here out. There is no safety net of “When we get Jordan back” anymore. Of those guys, I’d really like to see Schmidt play Jalen more these next three games. This kid was so highly touted back in the fall and he’s become virtually a bench warmer. We have three games vs. poor teams upcoming. We are going to need him at some point so let’s give him another look here before 2015….that’s just my take though.

Finally we leave you with Gather’s greatest contribution to SBU hoops to end on a good note…no one will ever forget that shot.

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