News: Jay Adams may be back in Brooklyn

According to a source Jay Adams could be back for Brooklyn.

According to a source Jay Adams could be back for Brooklyn.

According to former Bonnie and now sportscaster Shannon Shepherd, freshman guard Jay Adams is recovering well from finger surgery and should be back for the A10 tournament in Brooklyn. I didn’t reach out to her but I assume she has a solid source if she was willing to tweet this earlier this evening:

Let’s hope both Shannon and her sources are correct in their reporting. Mark Schmidt has moved on from starting back-up point guard Iakeem Alston at the one and most recently played Marcus Posley at the position on Saturday.  SBU had great success with a lineup of Posley, Cumberbatch, Gregg, Wright and Ndoye. Schmidt is clearly understanding the Bonnies need for outside shooting to space the floor, something Alston just cannot bring to the table at this time. Adams was shooting 32% from three, good for third on the team at this point in time. His A/TO ratio was tops in the A10. Having Jay back in the fold gives SBU a backcourt with three capable shooters and one very steady primary ball handler; something they’ve missed greatly. With Cumberbatch and Posley hopefully finding their stroke this past weekend, it would be great to add another shooter to the mix heading into Brooklyn. As much as everyone wanted Alston to succeed at the point the results just weren’t there from an individual or team perspective. The Bonnies armed with a healthy-enough Adams can win a few games in Brooklyn given the match-ups…there’s not a doubt in my mind. Without him though, I’m much less optimistic.

Adams has not played for SBU since the UMass loss back on February the 11th. In his absence the team has gone 2-3. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Adam’s finger is fully healed.

PS-Remember this great season motto…the year we didn’t go?


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