Reports: Alston to Transfer


Alston came and went in one year as a Bonnie.

Alston came and went in one year as a Bonnie.

According to various reports on twitter, rising senior guard Iakeem Alston will be transferring out of SBU. Alston was a back-up PG this year to Jay Adams until the freshman broke his hand. From there, Alston got a cup of coffee as they say starting at the one before being sent back to the bench. Alston brought some energy and quickness on the defensive side of the ball but his inability to contribute on the offensive side stood out from day one. Alston could not knock down jump shoots enough to see real time and even struggled mightily to connect from the foul line as a guard. To be honest, even if he returned next season he would have seen very limited playing time with Jay’s return. I don’t mean to put down Alston’s game but this roster change really does nothing for next season’s outlook except making us a tad bit thiner at PG…but, I’m sure Schmidt will have a new one in here before long.

He averaged 2.4 points, 1.4 assists in 10.6 minutes shooting 35% from the field and 51% from the line.

Best of luck Iakeem in your future travels.

Here’s a national media member spelling his name wrong.

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