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Non-Conference Player Grades

With just one non-conference game left to go, now is the perfect time to reflect on the team’s play to date. Let’s dive into the individual player and coach grades for the Bonnies through their first ten games of the season. When reading the player grades consider that the grade is largely based on “expectations”. For example, Marcus Posley and Derrick Woods received a B and B- respectively. That doesn’t mean we think Woods is better than Posley. It means when factoring in what we expected from both, we think Woods has been a bit better considering those circumstances. Feel free to leave comments below and let us know what you think of the grades. Overall, I think the team has preformed well as the grades reflect. 

Idris Taqqee- All wondered whether or not he would develop a jump shot over the offseason; at this point it seems unlikely that will happen (39%), at least this year. Taqqee has started every game but plays only 25 minutes, and averages only 3.5 points. His rebounding has been very strong from the guard spot (4.6 per) especially on the offensive glass. Unfortunately, SBU needs more than just rebounding from their “other” guard”. He’s at his best going at the rim and in transition. Grade: C

Posley has led the team in scoring but has not shot the ball well at all this season.

Marcus Posley- SBU’s leading scorer (18.1) is shooting just 38% from the field and 30% from three; poor numbers for any guard. We knew Posley would be a volume scorer this season but his shooting woes are certainly concerning for the club. No one questions his scoring ability or clutch-ness, but the senior needs to shoot it better for the Bonnies to really do damage inside the A10. We think his best basketball is still ahead of him this season. His virtual buzzer-beater vs. Buffalo was just another notch on his belt. Also, give Posley (and Adams/Wright) credit for essentially playing every minute of every game. Posley ranks forth nationally in percentage of team’s minutes played.  Grade: B-

Nelson Kaputo- The freshman has been a Godsend for Mark Schmidt off the pine scoring 6.7 points, shooting 36% from three and with 37 assists against 14 turnovers. His interior scoring needs work (36% on 2PT) but his ability to handle the ball, make outside shots and run the offense have all been ultra-impressive. His three point shooting has helped win a few games already. He’s going to be a terrific player. Grade: A-

Jay Adams-Second in scoring (16.2), first in assists (4.4), and shooting it very well from the field (47% and 42%3PT) Adams has been excellent in his second season (aside from his game suspension). Adams’ biggest area for improvement has to be his late game decision making and ability to limit turnovers in key spots. Schmidt needs to know Swaggy Jay won’t have any more mental errors like he did against Siena. All things considered though Adams has been very good in his sophomore season. Grade: A

Denzel Gregg- The X-factor has been exactly what we thought: up and down, great and head-scratching, good and bad. In 26 minutes Gregg has given the Bonnies 8.8 points, 6.2 rebounds and 1.7 blocks on 44% shooting. The issue has been consistency for Gregg as you just aren’t sure what he’s going to give you. Against S. Carolina State, Canisuis and Buffalo Gregg combined to score 11 points on 3-14 shooting. He has changed games off the bench, and his athleticism jumps off the screen; he just needs to be more consistent. Grade: B-

LaDarien Griffin- Griffin has proven to be the odd man out on this thin Bonnies team. Griffin has played just 7% of the teams’ minutes for an average of 3.5 per game. He’s shot 40% from the floor. There’s not enough of a sample size to grade the freshman. Grade: Incomplete 

Woods was forced to start from day one down low and has done very well all things considered.

Derrick Woods- Forced to start after Jordan Tyson’s injury the 6-8 freshman has done just fine for the club. Woods is playing 16.7 minutes a game and has averaged 5.1 points and 3.2 rebounds. When he’s shot the ball, he’s shot it well (61%) and really stroked it from the line (87%). He needs work on both sides of the floor, but given what he’s been asked to do you have to be happy with his play thus far. Woods is learning on the job and he’s more he’s hold his own thus far. Grade: B

Dion Wright- Mr. Consistency has been everything you could have hoped for. He’s playing nearly 35 minutes a game and averaging 16.2 points, 8.8 rebounds, is shooting 45% from the field and has posted five double-doubles already. Wright hasn’t scored less than ten points in any game and has been a force on the offensively glass, as usual. Wright’s only real area for improvement would be his 15% three point shooting. After the Dayton game last year many wondered if Wright could stretch the floor a bit this season, so far the answer has been no…but there’s still time. Grade: A 

Jordan Tyson- Tyson returned from his hand injury vs. South Carolina State and has played only 22 minutes scoring two points and shooting 0-2 from the floor. Whether or not he can give Bonnies something down low from here out will be a huge factor in their ability to compete in the A10. He will have to shake off the rust, and quick, to produce down low against A10 foes. Grade: Incomplete

Mark Schmidt- Schmidt has worked with a short bench before, but probably never this short. He has shown great faith in freshman Nelson Kaputo and Derrick Woods, has put Denzel Gregg in a position to succeed, has been patient with Idris Taqqee and guided the Bonnies to road wins against Canisius and Buffalo. He’s had to guide a team almost totally void of big men and juggles trying to keep the big three fresh each game. Close losses to Hofstra and Siena still sting (especially losing to Siena three years in a row) but I think a vast majority of SBU fans would have taken an 8-3 non-conference record. If SBU beats Niagara Schmidt has done well. Had the team won nine or more games he’d have done very well. Grade: B

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A member of the class of 2008, Nolan spent four years as a student assistant with the program. He has written professionally for such outlets as espn.com/insider, Athlon Sports Magazines, Cox Sports Online and Blue Ribbon Previews. Ian was named one of the “140 Personalities to Follow in College Basketball” on twitter by The Sporting News.

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Compared to last year: Taqqee….C; Posley….C; Adams….A; Gregg….A; Wright …..A
New Guys: Kaputo…..A+; Woods….A;…….Griffin and Tyson…wait and see
Scmidt/The team…….A,…….because the mix of old and new is showing signs of really coming together. Bottom Line: Wright will be there every night….now if Posley will just put his glorious 3pt shot on hold and go to the basket 9 out of his first 10 touches and 9 out of his last 10 touches, while Adams, Gregg and Kaputo do the same, these guys will beat a lot of A10’s, and I mean nearly everyone of them.