St. Joe’s homer believes Bonnies need to win to get in and twice to avoid first four

In a conference call with reporters today, ESPN Bracketologist and Saint Joseph’s shill, Joe Lunardi, was asked about the Bonnies. Specifically, he was asked if they could make the tournament without winning a semifinal game in the Atlantic 10 tournament.

His response:

I believe they could afford that loss (in the semis). I think the way they finish has made quite a case for them. They probably, to feel safe, need to beat Davidson, if seeding holds, and they should win that game. Davidson is really good at home, but pretty average away. And, you know, to me, the VCU game would be an opportunity to end any discussion of being in the first four. Because, you know, all of us around the Atlantic 10 are just dying for that opportunity to go back to Dayton.

So in other words, the Bonnies shouldn’t feel safely in until they beat Davidson on Friday.

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  1. Saint Joe’s shill. I like that. Here’s even worse news: Ken Pomeroy says that Bona may need to win three games in the A10 tourney to get in. He said the same thing about VCU. Here’s the exact quote:

    “It appears that there will be more urgency for both VCU and St. Bonaventure, whose NCAA tournament bids may depend on winning three games in Brooklyn. It’s hard to say if urgency is worth anything. Even if it isn’t, VCU is the favorite, but with only little more than a one-in-four chance, this event is one of the more wide open tournaments of championship week.
    Rd1 Qtrs Semis Final Champ
    2 VCU 100 100 69.8 46.9 27.8
    4 Saint Joseph’s 100 100 63.8 37.5 20.4
    1 Dayton 100 100 67.4 34.0 17.4
    3 St. Bonaventure 100 100 63.1 26.6 12.3”

    I hope he’s wrong, but let’s win the A10 just to be safe.

  2. Pomeroy’s just backing up his system that has us rated in the 70s. It is doubtful that the Committee will put ALL its faith in the “Ken Pom” system and leave us out because of one of the only ratings systems that gives us little chance to make the tourney…win on Friday and we are in….

  3. As far as Lunardi, he also has all this faith in Pomeroy and that’s why after weeks of having Dayton as the only “lock” in the tourney from the A-10, he now has his employer (St. Joe’s) joining the “locks” in his “bubble watch”, even though they lost their last two: one to us and one to Duquesne AT HOME!

  4. And the So Cal Kid got called out on the Bonnie Band wagon for calling G Dub’s Yuta Watenabi “Emperor Heraheto”?
    Lunardi is yesterdays news.
    Go Bonnies beat Davidson

  5. I cannot stand Lunardi and any time his mug pops up on the screen I either switch the channel or go mute. Talk about a guy who really doesn’t know anything creating a career out of thin air. ESPN takes people like this and Adam Schefter and makes them big names. It is baffling

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