CLOSED for the offseason

Thanks for visiting us this year, we hope to see everyone (and more folks) back here in the fall for year two.

The Bonablog staff would like to thank you for visiting us during this past season. In our first full year in operation we were happy to provide BonaNation with sound analysis and coverage of the team (or so we like to think). We hope you have enjoyed visiting the site as much as we have enjoyed covering the team and maintaining this webpage. We plan to continue the operation next season and will be working on updates to the website during this offseason period. Much like the coaching staff, we have some changes to make.

We will be back in full swing come the fall to provide that same coverage once again…actually, we hope it will be even better coverage. We’re hoping to redesign the site, add a photographer as well as a writer or two to help ramp us the coverage. Vinny also has a strategic plan to improve the site that could rival SBU’s plan to develop the Castle Property…so we’ll see how that plays out.

We will pop up a post from time to time in the offseason should something of note happen (player departures, recruit signings, injuries, etc.) so you may see a new blog post from time to time as you’re sipping a Corona. Generally though we’ll be recharging our batteries as I’ve found the best way to operate a site like this is to take a step back for a few months to avoid burnout.

In the meantime, enjoy the warm weather and baseball. I’ll be watching more Mets games than healthy and hopefully their outings still mater when we come back in September….I’ve waited long enough. We hope you enjoy the weather, some BBQs and cold beers as well.

We’re shooting for a September-ish return date but we will update that at some point over the summer.

Thanks again for visiting and making this first year so successful. Enjoy your offseason please come back to see us in the fall.



Thanks for visiting! See you soon!


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  1. Don’t cry because its over…Smile because it happened. Great job guys on your first season. Much more informative and deeper insight than Bona Bandwagon. Looking forward to checking out your expansion plans and visiting again come Sept.

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