2015-2016 Schedule: What We’re Hearing

Last summer we were able to break a good portion of SBU’s non-conference schedule before it hit the presses. We’ve done a bit of homework (very little to be honest, we said we needed to recharge our batteries) over the summer and have pieced together a “best guess” list of sorts for this year’s schedule. We aren’t sure of exact dates, and even all locations, but we felt we had enough information to pass along what we had.

So, below is our projected non-conference schedule as of June 26th. SBU should kick off their season with a win over Binghamton on the 13th before traveling to the Carrier Dome to take on the hated Syracuse Orange a few days later.

If we hear of more concrete news we will update this post accordingly.

Projected Home Games

Binghamton (opener on Nov. 13th)

Niagara (or neutral site?)

South Carolina State


Projected Away Games




Syracuse (Nov. 17th)

*We are hearing SBU will be playing in a tournament and could be playing against Towson. We believe Towson is playing down in SC from November 19th-22nd (We don’t believe SBU is in that field however…so that doesn’t fully add up). Last year SBU booked 11 non-conference games, if the Brown and White enter some tournament (assuming three games) that would give them 11 games if this list correct. We are not certain on all venues, or even opponents, but this is what we’ve been able to piece together from some good folks we know. As it stands, it would appear SBU will find themselves in some kind of in-season tournament to put a few more games on their schedule since eight is certainly not enough. We’ve heard rumors about a possible tournament in the DC area (BB&T Classic Maybe? I doubt it….) but nothing firm.

Ok, back to baseball and beers.

PS-Shout out to Youssou Ndoye for joining the Orlando Magic’s summer league team. Let’s hope he plays well and can establish some value for himself either here in the states or in Europe. There’s no doubt the big man can make a lot of money playing hoops somewhere as long as he stays healthy and keeps developing his game. I’d be surprised to see him stay in the D-League as Europe is usually a better option for someone of his skill level.

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