A10 Notebook: Dec. 10th


Below is a link to my weekly post to Cox Sports who are kind enough to allow me to cover the league for them on a week by week basis. Cox does a really good job covering the league and NE hoops in general so if you don’t visit their site once and while give it a shot. In each post (that come out on Thursdays) we rundown the following format:

3 Games to Watch this Weekend

Player to Know- Dion Wright this week!

Pick to Click

Power Rankings with blurbs on each team

This week I have the Bonnies holding steady in the 9 spot. Fordham has made a big jump while Davidson still remains in the top spot over Dayton and George Washington. The bottom of the league has really been strong with Fordham and Duquesne having lost only a game apiece. Meanwhile, La Salle has been falling lately and look like they could be a cellar team this season despite the best efforts of Jordan Price in the early going. 


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