Jordan Tyson to Return Saturday

Bonnies forward Jordan Tyson will return to the lineup on Saturday afternoon according to our boots on the ground in Olean. The Bonnies face South Carolina State at 2PM, the Bulldogs are 5-5. SBU is coming off a week plus long break at 6-2. 

Tyson has missed the first eight games of the season after suffering a broken bone in his hand early in the fall. Expected to be the teams’ starting center this season, Tyson has watched freshman forward Derrick Woods take his spot.

As a freshman, Tyson only played in one game, vs. Niagara before suffering a broken jaw bone in practice. Tyson’s size will provide the Bonnies with a much needed post presence going forward. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact Tyson can have right off the bat. The big man has only played in one meaningful game in the last year plus. I would expect Tyson to back-up Woods and earn his minutes off the bench over time. Still, no matter the production from day one, Tyson’s return provides Schmidt with some level of depth inside. 

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    • False. JP Butler said, “A rumor had emerged that he’d be back as early as the South Carolina State home game on Dec. 19. A Bona official said there’s no way to say for sure if Tyson would be back that early, but that there’s “a chance” he’s back in action before the start of conference play in early January.”

      We told you he 100% would be playing, not that he may play. Everyone has known for weeks if not months he may be back before Christmas. There’s a big difference between “Could be back” and “Is playing”.

      Thanks for trying to knock us though, enjoy your day.

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