Fordham Q and A with HoopTenHarbor’s Daniel DiOrio

FordhamFor our Fordham Q and A we chatted with Daniel DiOrio, a student at Fordham and A10 hoops enthusiast, who contributes to the Blog HoopTenHarbor. Daniel actually began his college career at Bonas but transferred to the school in the Bronx…why no one has any idea, nor did we ask. He did a great job prepping the readers for the Bonnies’ big Wednesday night road game at Rose Hill; a place that’s never easy to earn a win. Having said that, we do expect a very large, and loud Bonaventure fan-base there cheering on the Brown and White. 

1. First, give fans a scouting report of the Rams under new head coach Jeff Neubauer who has the team team at 12-9 as of Saturday morning. What do they do on both sides of the ball?

This Rams team is very defensively focused. Jeff Neubauer has been really emphasizing that since he took over. They are great at causing turnovers, but that’s about it. Despite their dare I say havoc-like defense, they struggle on the offensive side. Their offense is very inconsistent. Some games it’s Mandell Thomas carrying the team, sometimes Ryan Rhoomes, occasionally Christian Sengfelder. Fordham doesn’t have any consistent scorer, which is a key reason behind their struggles. They often force shots up as the buzzer expires, and look lost when they have the ball. If inconsistency was the name of the game, Fordham would be sitting at the top of the Atlantic 10.

2. The Rams started out 9-1 but have since hit a wall, known as the A10. What’s been the root cause behind the 3-6 start in league play aside from just playing far better teams?

As I wrote in my article for, I feel as if there are a few reasons for their poor Atlantic 10 play:

1. Freshman Joesph Chartonouy missed the first 5 games of Fordham’s Atlantic 10 schedule due to injury. His presence was missed greatly. The Rams certainly could’ve used his 10 ppg, 6 rpg, and 5 apg.

2. As I stated above, Fordham is very inconsistent. On the offensive side, they rely on one player to do majority of the scoring. Rarely does this offensive cater to all 5 players on the court. They usually go to the player who is hot, and nobody else. Unfortunately this has and will not work in the Atlantic 10.

3. It’s possible that they’re just not that good. After going 9-1 out of conference, people expected more out of this team. However, it’s possible that they are just the same old team that Fordham fans are used to seeing. Their out of conference schedule was quite weak, and they played all teams that they should’ve beat. (With the exception of BC, St. John’s) It seems as if people were expecting more out of this team in A10 play due to their 9-1 start, but it could be possible that this team hasn’t really improved at all.

3. I give you a name you describe the player in one sentence:

Mandell Thomas- The senior leader who’s capable of scoring and not afraid to shoot the ball.

Ryan Rhoomes- A big body forward with a very basic set of skills in the paint who can abuse unexpecting big men.

Joseph Chartouny- The reliable guard whose stats don’t show how big of a role he plays for this team.

Jon Severe- Quick, athletic 6th man who has the ability to carry the team but often tries to do too much.

Christian Sengfelder- The A10’s Dirk Nowitzki.

4. Speaking of Sengfelder, he’s playing far less this year after a really good freshman season. Reason?

Jeff Neubauer has made several changes this season, including limiting the playing time of Chris Sengfelder. Fortunately despite these changes, Sengfelder’s stats remain relatively unchanged from his freshman year. I’m honestly not sure why he is getting less minutes, but they’re lucky to receive similar performance out of him.

5. Fordham ranks 9th in TO percentage. What’s the secret to their pressure defense?

Transition. It feels like every turnover they get comes during fast breaks, or the transition.

6. How can Fordham win this game Wednesday night?

Recently, the Rams have allowed way too many three pointers. This game will be over if they allow Swaggy Jay and Marcus Posley to shoot. Fordham has to play well on both sides of the ball, limiting scoring out of Jay and Marcus but also play well on offense. Mandell Thomas and Ryan Rhoomes both need to shoot, and not wait until the shot clock expires to do so. Lastly, Ryan Rhoomes needs to limit Dion’s production.

7. Overall, how would you sum up Fordham’s season thus far? You have to be satisfied correct?

I’ll be satisfied when we get a new gym.

8. Give me your prediction for the top 4 finishers in the league, in order.

1. Dayton
2. VCU
3. Saint Joe’s
4. GW
4a. St. Bonaventure

9. Finally, give me a few sentences on how the game will play out and ultimately, who wins.

The Bonnies win. Their offense will prove to be too much for this Rams team to handle. However, I expect this one to be close. I think that the Rams will be able to keep up with the Bonnies for most of the game but ultimately will be outlasted by the great offense from the Bonnies.

But with that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fordham stole a win. They are hungry for a win and have proven that they can keep up with some of the better A10 teams. Also, every year it feels like the Bonnies lose at least one game that they have no business losing. Without that really happening this year, is it possible that it could happen in the Rose Hill Gym?

I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.

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