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Team Preview: Starting Lineup & Depth Chart

Now that we’ve rolled out our previews of the front court and back court it’s time to project the line-up and depth chart that Mark Schmidt will roll out to start the season. As we all know, this is subject to change on a weekly basis, but here is the Bona Blog’s best guess at how the squad will shake up come November 15th.


PG-Alston (Jaylen Adams, Gathers) Notes:Schmidt has a long history of preferring to use more experienced players over freshman and I expect this trend to continue to with Alston starting over Jaylen Adams. Bringing along Adams slowly behind a more experience point guard is wise. If Adams really flourishes, you can expect him to become the team’s starting point man late in the season or next year. Schmidt has said he could use Gathers at the point if he must but as we all know, his best spot is off the ball where he’s a more capable defender and scorer. Currently, Gathers’ health is an issue as it is not clear that he’s 100% ready to go for the opener. If Jordan is not healthy this year, as that type of injury can lag, it would be a big blow for the team.

Gather’s health is a big question mark at this point.

G-Gathers (Jalen Adams,Taqqee) Notes: This is contingent on Gathers being healthy, which as we stated remains to be seen. If he can’t go I’d expect Cumberbatch to step in and start as he has experience from last year. Andell needs to control himself on the offensive end and show that he can knock down some jumpers if he wants serious, meaningful minutes this year. Taqqee likely backs up both, and Gregg as well (more below).

G-Posley (Cumberbatch, Gregg) Notes: I fully expect Posley to start from day one. Schmidt has commented time and time again about the teams’ need for a shooter and that’s what Posley is; a potential big time shooter. Given the unknowns in terms of shooting from the point spot, Posley’s ability to stretch defenses will be huge this year; even more so if Gathers is unhealthy for any length of time. I am really, really interested to see how Gregg progresses this year. I think he could turn into a starter at some point this season, but I don’t see it right away. He’s capable of having a Dion Wright type of campaign this year if the minutes come his way…I’m just not sure how many he gets at the wing, he may get more time at the four in a smaller lineup. Either way, I want to see him getting a chance to play.

Gregg is my breakout player pick for the Bonnies this year. Will he get the time though?

Gregg is my breakout player pick for the Bonnies this year. Will he get the time though?

F-Wright (Gregg, Smith) Notes: Dion starts and this should be a breakout season for him, much like last year was. That said, he needs to be able to shoot it if he wants to become a fifteen point a game type of player. Gregg will back him up, and maybe Cumberbatch as well from time to time if Schmidt decides to smaller. Gregg has shown an ability to take care of the ball and doesn’t seem to rush anything when on the floor. The question now becomes can he score? Xavier Smith is a huge unknown, and I just wouldn’t expect much from him. We knew he was a project when he signed and it’s shaping up to look like he’s a potential bench player.

C-Ndoye (Dees, Tyson) Notes: Ndoye is an all-league player and a potential pro at seven feet. Dees will give you a solid dozen minutes a night, some rebounding and can hit that 15 foot jumper with consistency. But, the less we see of Dees the better since he’s usually spelling Ndoye when in foul trouble. Tyson is a very intriguing prospect who seems to have a high ceiling. His size as a true freshman makes him a candidate to see some meaningful minutes this season. We’ll have to see if his skill-set can match his ceiling and athleticism sooner than later. I do expect him to play more than Xavier Smith did last season that much is for sure.


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