Post Game: Ohio

6-1. Bonnies off to their best start in a long time...

6-1. Bonnies off to their best start in a long time…

The Result: The Bonnies beat a good (we expect) Ohio team tonight by a score of 80-70. With the win SBU improves to a very tidy 6-1 and has their first five game winning steak since 2000-2001 (pretty sure).  If you thought this team was going to suck, well they don’t. If you thought this team had the potential to be pretty darn good…you may have been onto something…let’s keep watching and see.

The Rundown: Trailing by one at the half, the Bonnies turned in a great second one led by freshman point guard Jay Adams who finished the game with a career high 26 points on 6-7 shooting and a very important 12-15 shooting from the line. The Bonnies really shot the ball well in the second half aided by Marcus Posley’s four three pointers, he finished with 20. In the first half Ohio really took it to us inside as they tried to pick up cheap fouls on Ndoye who looked limit on the defensive end. To their credit, SBU also went inside more often for a third straight game and it paid off. In the second half it really was all about Adams and Posley who took the game over. With the Bonnies down six just minutes into the second frame Jay Adams basically took the game over at one point scoring 10 straight points (if my memory is correct). And when they needed them most, this team knocked down foul shot after foul shot in the second half to top Ohio and really never let them back into the game. SBU finished the contest shooting 22-28 or 76% from the line…very tidy. Almost all fans expected a really close finish today, maybe with SBU coming up short. That wasn’t the case. The Bonnies really dominated the second half and won this thing going away.

What it means for the Bonnies: It means they have a five game winning streak for the first time in over a dozen years, they are a very, very impressive 6-1 (with a true road win now) and they’ll head over to Pittsburgh with a lot of confidence. This team has had some head scratching moments at times this year but overall has been impressive. The more you see of this club the more you get the sense that we have the pieces to really compete in the A10 not just for the middle of the table, but maybe, for something else…

The good news: Freshman point guard Jay Adams is proving each week that he may very well be the real deal. He was quiet against Buffalo, but put this team on his back in HIS first true road game for a win. That’s not easy to do. If anything, Adams just needs to shoot the ball more as he might be our best pure shooter. His assists will come in time, he did a nice job limited turnovers (3 for himself is “ok”, and nine for the team is solid). This game also told me that this team can win games when Ndoye and Wright are more or less shut off, as they were today due to some good interior defense. Also, Denzel Gregg looked solid in his first game back from suspension as he finished with four points and a few boards off the bench…his athleticism will be needed in conference play. All good stuff today in the land of the Bonnies.

The bad news: None, there is nothing to be upset about following this solid road win. If you want to find something to bitch about do it on your own time. It’s Saturday night, I’m a few JDs in and going to get some delicious Mexican food and my Bonnies are 6-1. All is right in the world.

A10 ROY Jaylen Adams. The first of many we hope.

Jay Adams went for a career high ad may be on his way to a second straight A10 Rookie of the Week honor.

Player of the game: Adams. The freshman point man put this team on his shoulders for about eight minutes in the second half and led them to a win. His three point shooting (2-2) was big and he also got fouled on a pair of three pointers. SBU needed their guards to help them out today and he and Posley combined to score 46 points on 6-10 shooting from three….very impressive. More of this please.

Good stats: The 76% foul shooting was excellent, and needed today in order to pull away. Nine turnovers will work every night out. 6-13 shooting from three will also play almost every single game. And nothing wrong with scoring 44 points in the last 20 minutes. People were really worried about the foul shooting (me included) but this team came through today when they needed to.

Bad stats: The team could share the ball a bit better (only five team assists on a day where you shot 46% seems really low). Our bench again really didn’t make a huge impact as they combined to score five points, grab four boards and dish out one assist.

What we liked: Our ability to take good shoots, defend again (held Ohio to 41% shooting) and close out a big road game with young players on the floor.

What we didn’t like: The absolute joke that was the officiating at times. From the tech called on Posley after they missed a foul on his lay-up to the flagrant foul on Andell after he was fouled to the ridiculous jump-ball call after Ndoye grabbed a missed foul shot these refs sucked it up tonight in a major way. I’m just glad we didn’t lose by three points because between the tech (2 points) and flagrant foul (2 points followed by a three pointer) the zebras could have cost us tonight.

Ivan Kovacevic Unsung Hero of the game: Ndoye battled today and finished with eight and 12 and had a few big baskets down the stretch. He also missed what would have been a game-ending lay-in after a miss but whatever, all well that ends well. It’s nice to know on a day when he only goes 3-10 from the field we can beat a team on the road via other options. His three blocks also keep him in the running to be a top shot-blocker in the nation come year’s end.

What’s Up Next: Bonnies head to Pittsburgh next Saturday to play the Panthers who are 5-3 with losses against Hawaii, San Diego State and Indiana. The Bonnies will be big underdogs but honestly, this is a game they can win given how well we are playing right now.

Prediction records: Ian is no longer perfect as all the guys had a Bonnies’ loss today…We like to be pleasantly surprised in this regard whenever possible.