Merry Christmas/ Bonnies’ Team Wish List

Merry Christmas to all the readers of the Bona Blog.

All of us at the Bona Blog want to wish Bona Nation a happy and healthy Christmas. We appreciate all of the readers we have gained so far this season and look forward to improving the product and the web-site in the years to come. We are truly thankful for all of you who have bookmarked us, signed up for our email list or just visit each day from the links on the Bandwagon. We hope you have enjoyed reading our content over these past three months or so and will continue to both read our site, as well as spread the word to all your Bona friends.

We’ll be off the next couple of days but wanted to leave you with the team’s Christmas list on the Eve of Santa’s trip. Enjoy your eggnog and families, we’ll be back in a few days with new content. Ho-Ho Ho……

The Staff

Coach Schmidt – Sawx Season Tix, Callaway Irons, a Pablo Sandoval jersey, a case of Sam’s Winter, 6-months of free rehab at OGH and a Hoveraround
Coach Moore – A rebound (board that!!!), an Andy Dalton jersey and a Bengals playoff victory
Coach Curran – Credit for all recruiting efforts and a bottle of Jack Daniels
Coach Robinson – Tour of Olean compliments of Michael Davenport and Jonathan Hall and a Beef and Barrel Gift Card.
Matt Pappano – Snow Blower, a real assistant coaching job, and a Sammy Watkins jersey

The Players 

Youssou N’doye – Rosetta Stone to learn his 6th language and consistent offensive production
Dion Wright –  
A mid-range jumper and some more publicity for his blue-collar board work
Andell Cumberbatch – 
Patrick Elias jersey, Devils season tickets in 2015-2016
Marcus Posley – 
Extra year of eligibility, a back massage chair since he’s carried the team most games
Jaylen Adams – 
Fathead of Jaylen Adams, a new tattoo and a new corner-back duo for his Eagles
Chris Dees –
3 inches and for fellow high school alum Giancarlo Stanton to pick up his phone calls
Jalen Adams – 
Playing Time!
Iakeem Alston –
More confidence to shoot the ball occasionally and coach Schmidt’s acceptance
Idris Taqqee – 
A name most people can pronounce and for Bonaventure to start a Football team
Xavier Smith –
John Coltrane’s greatest hits, a new Sax and Tyler Relph training videos
Denzell Gregg – 
A time machine
Opeyemi Olomo – 
Re-up of Bona Bucks for more RC wraps
Quentin Weinerman – 
earrings and a J-Crew gift card
Jordan Tyson –  
A “red” shirt
Jordan Gathers 
– A new hip and a fresh start somewhere else next fall, he deserves it.