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Player Preview: Idris Taqqee

Taqqee should be given a chance to play meaningful minutes this year. His season and playing time will largely hinge on his jump shot though.

This is the first part of our Player Preview Series. We will have our second player, Marcus Posley, coming for you all on Monday the 21st. From there, we will roll out roughly two players per week until we have covered the entire roster for this season. 


Player: Idris Taqqee, 6-4 Sophomore guard

The low down: Taqqee was seldom used last season playing behind lead guards Andell Cumberbatch, Marcus Posley, Jay Adams and others. There’s no doubt the sophomore has the athletic ability to play at the A10 level, but his skill-set certainly needs improving. In the limited minutes he played last year, the guard showed an ability to defend and rebound from his position. However, his awful shooting numbers are a serious cause for concern. If Taqqee is going to play meaningful minutes this season and contribute he must show an improved jump shot and free throw percentage. It’s tough to see the sophomore getting a ton of minutes behind Posley, Jay Adams and possibly Courtney Stockard without making serious strides offensively. Coming into last season we knew Idris would be a bit of a long term project because of recent switch to basketball only (he had been a multi-sport athlete) and so patience will likely be the key. If he was able to make strides offensively this off-season there’s a good chance he will be a rotation player off the bench right away in November. If not, he could wait another year to really see the floor.

One interesting fact: Heard he plays musical instruments. Moved to Georgia from LA. One of six kids, played WR in high school. Roomed with Syracuse PG Kaleb Joseph at Cushing.

Last Year by the numbers: 27 games, 1.2 points, 1.3 rebounds, 30.8% FG, 6.7% 3PT, 44% FT.

Biggest Strength: Athletic upside seems really high, could be a plus defender who has “glue guy” written all over him.

Glaring Weakness: Simply could not throw the ball in the ocean last season. Likely needs(ed) to remake his jump shot to have a real chance at playing a wing in the A10.

Best Case: Both for his career and this season, I believe Taqqee could be be a great role player whose a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of player. This isn’t a knock on his game but when you’re a guard who struggles so mightily to shoot the ball it’s going to be tough to play 30 minutes a night (start). Instead Schmidt and company have to hope Taqqee can become a great off-the-bench guy who gives them defense, rebounding and occasional scoring when he’s on the floor. Hopefully by his senior year he is a ten point-five rebound type of guy. Or maybe he’s an all-league player. Who knows, maybe he’s transformed his shot this off-season and that would change everything as far as his ceiling.

Worst Case: If his shot doesn’t develop I can’t see him getting meaningful minutes. Schmidt needs guards who can shoot it and Taqqee must show he can score from the start this season. If not, he could be given little time to develop and after sitting two years, ideas of transferring pop into kids’ heads. His development would be huge in allowing Posley and Adams to rest some as they shouldered far too much of the production last season in the back court and worn down in February and March.

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