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7 reasons to like the Bonnies chances vs. Davidson

Jaylen Adams and Marcus Posley combined for 49 points in SBUs victory over Davidson in January.

Jaylen Adams and Marcus Posley combined for 49 points in SBU’s victory over Davidson in January.

The Bonnies have been playing must-win games since they lost to La Salle almost a month ago. All they have done is go 5-0 with victories at Dayton and against Saint Joseph’s in Rochester since.

That stretch has put the Bonnies in the position they stand today: in the NCAA tournament.

The Bonnies are a 10 seed according to Bracket Matrix’s collection of all projected brackets. Joe Lunardi has moved them out of the last four in. Dance Card has them as a 100 percent lock.

Of course, those projections can – and probably will – change after tonight’s matchup against Davidson in an Atlantic 10 quarterfinal in Brooklyn.

The Bonnies might not need to win to secure an NCAA bid, but a victory would go a long way in helping them avoid a first four play-in game in Dayton.

We at the Bona Blog – or me, at least – are feeling good about tonight’s game. Here are 7 reasons to be optimistic about a Bonnies’ win:

  1. The Bonnies have already beaten Davidson, 97-85, in the Reilly Center on Jan. 2. Jay Adams (30) and Marcus Posley (19) combined for 49 points that night.
  2. The Bonnies have had success in the A-10 tourney under Mark Schmidt. They have won at least one game in five of their six tournament appearances under the coach. They are 6-2 in their last tournament games.
  3. The Bonnies should be fresh. They have been off the last six days – the most consecutively since late January. That can only help stalwarts Adams, Posley and Wright.
  4. Davidson shouldn’t be nearly as fresh. The Wildcats played Thursday night – a 78-63 victory over La Salle. Much like the Bonnies, Davidson doesn’t have a ton of depth. And like the Bonnies trio of Adams, Posley and Wright, Davidson’s Jack Gibbs, Brian Sullivan and Peyton Aldridge all play more than 34 minutes a game. Coach Jack McKillop has been especially concerned with his team’s depth of late.
  5. The Wildcats aren’t very good away from their home arena. They earned just their fourth road/neutral victory of the season last night – compared to 10 losses.
  6. Davidson isn’t strong in the post. This is good for the Bonnies, who have struggled rebounding and defending big-bodied forwards and centers. Derrick Woods, if you recall, had his best game of the year against Davidson in January, totaling 11 points on 5-6 shooting.
  7. The Bonnies did a tremendous job defending Gibbs in the first game. The A-10’s leading scorer was limited to 18 points on 7-27 shooting thanks to efforts of Adams, Posley and Idris Taqqee. The one caveat: the Wildcats were without Sullivan that day.
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