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Woman Rolling to Another Great Year After Upset

Due to popular demand, we will spend just a bit of time on the Woman’s Team who improved to 6-1 this year after beating 21st ranked Michigan State today at the RC.

I had to leave around ten am today to get back to Jersey and the real world, but I wish I could have stayed because I had a really good feeling that the woman were going to pull out a win today. And that’s the great thing about the woman’s team, when they play well at home, they can beat some of the best teams in the county. That can be attributed to Coach Crowley and his staff, who have done an incredible job building up the program to where it is today. There was a time when some people doubted Crowley and the job he was doing, but patience has paid off in a big way because the woman’s team is rolling along and it is great to see.

Dana Mitchell is one of the best players in the entire league, and players like Katelyn Murray, Erica Schiefen and Andrea Donethnd straight season, have a player on the pre-season first team all league team, and are ranked 65thRPI which is not bad at all.Those are all signs that a program is building itself up and going places. The woman’s side of the Atlantic 10 is a great league, so that the fact that the Bona woman are even in the mix there is quite an accomplishment.
are also good A10 level players. The team went to new heights last season when they won 18 games. Now, they are 6-1, have beaten a ranked team for the 2 in

While I do not follow the woman’s team like some Bona fans do, I will obviously always pull for the team. We are glad to give the woman’s team some ink here because of a great win at the RC. Hopefully the woman and men can both roll to great non-conference campaigns, and then carry that momentum into league play.

On a side note, Jessie Fleming is an assistant coach with the woman, and is a former four year manager at Bonnies; so obviously we have to give a shout-out to Jessie who does a great job coaching after honing his skills as a manager.

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  1. NY Dem


    Very enjoyable game to watch, Katelyn Murray was on a roll; and Dana Mitchell is a scrapper. Their 6’9″ center was a non-factor.

    Attendance was pretty good,. despite the fact you couldn’t talk to the person sitting right next to you without yelling at the top of your lungs.

    When you have 3 - 4,000 people in the arena for a mens game, the PA system needs to be turned up a little, because that many bodies absorb some of the sound.

    But when there are only a few hundred in the seats, and you have the music cranked up, you just blow people out of their seats and create an uncomfortable environment.

    I saw one couple who came in, took off their hat and coats, and sat in the reds in lower Section 9. Within five minutes, before the game even started, they were putting their coats back on and leaving.

  2. Bonnies09

    I really like this blog, and appreciate that you guys listen to your readers…Keep it up!

    Also, the women are receiving votes in the AP poll!