VOTE: Posley for Capital One Player of the Week

Winner, winner beef and barrel dinner.

Vote Posley Today!

Bonnies fans can, and should vote for Marcus Posley as ESPN’s Capitol One Impact Performer of the Week using the link below. Posley’s back to back buzzer beaters are currently tied for first place (41% of all votes) so every one helps. Since we can’t buy the kid a drink (or you shouldn’t probably) you can help him win this weekly honor.

Also, we’ve decided Posley’s nickname could be “The Sandman” because he’s become the best closer this side of Mo. Between the two buzzer beaters in a week and his bonkers of a game against Duquesne Posley has lifted the Bonnies to three league wins. I don’t know that there’s another player in the A10 whose made a bigger impact for his team. It’s scary to think where SBU would be without his talents this season. Let’s hope Schmidt can uncover a similar player this spring to fit in at wing/center next year.

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