Posley, Posley, Posley (Video/Interview)

Somewhere in that mess is Marcus Posley...and the Blog staff...

Somewhere in that mess is Marcus Posley…and the Blog staff…

Marcus Posley has been a very busy man since Saturday night, garnering all sorts of awards and honors following his back to back buzzer beater week.

He was named the Atlantic 10 Player of the Week for the second time this season, was named the USBWA’s Player of the Week, was named CBS Sports Player of the week and is in the running to become the Capitol One Player of the Week (Posley also picked up some kind words from ESPN and USA Today…and the Intrepid!). Additionally, Posley’s lay-up was a Top 10 play on SportsCenter Sunday morning. Somehow, the man had time to do an interview with Campus Insiders to talk about all that and more. The video is below. The blog was disappointed on two fronts though during the video.

Posley Chats with Campus Insiders

1. The hosts mis pronunciation of Olean…she called it O-leen. Come on, you’re better than that!

2.They asked Posley if he’s picked up any new nicknames since Saturday night. He did not mention our “Sandman” idea which we through out Sunday morning…that stings. The team does call him MP3 however which isn’t bad either.

Finally here is a great video the Athletic Department put together showing Posley’s heroic efforts starting with the end of the Duquesne game a few weeks back…what a ride it’s been. Honestly three wins are as a good, exciting wins as I can recall this team having in a single season. I’ll never get tired of watching these finishes time and time again.


Finally, there’s been a lot of talk on the Wagon about “well if we had only won X game or Y game we’d be a bubble team.” I’d like to address that here because it kind of drives me nuts.

Listen, any team in the country can play that game all day and night. If we won these four one possession games. If we got two calls vs. this team. If our starting PG wasn’t out for two weeks…If, if if….. What IF we didn’t have a one in a hundred comeback vs. Duquesne? What if Posley’s runner vs. Davidson bounces high and out? What if he doesn’t score vs. VCU and we lose in OT? Our record is what our record is. Let’s accept that fact. As Bill Parcells said, “You are what you’re record says you are.” Our Bonnies are a solid basketball team right now. Keep winning games and winning games and people will go from calling you a solid squad to a good one to a really good one. Basketball has a way of evening itself out and so when the season ends I’m going to feel pretty good that our record reflects the talent, production and execution on the floor over 30ish games.

Now, let’s go get two more wins this week.




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